Sell With Us

We can help you sell your property. Once you are listed, one of our property experts will visit your place, take some photographs, collect the required information, and create a plan for sale. We care about finding a buyer, preparing your property, and getting the best price. Our team of experts can help you sell your property within the required time frame. Call us today for more information!

Here are the most frequently asked questions about selling your property

Selling your property at the right price at the right time takes could take anywhere from days to a few weeks, yet you may not find the best fit. 

Here are the tips to follow for a faster turnaround time:

Ask for the right price

Read about the market trends

Bring out the best in your property

Market your property well

Confused about how to do this properly, Nabhasya Realtors can help you sell your property faster

The following documents are required:

Property Documents

Title Document

Development Agreement

Registration Documents

Zonal plans

Building Inspector Permissions

Construction approvals

Occupancy Certificate

Tax Payments

Encumbrance Certificate


Any Outstanding Loans






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